Carmelo, What this means for the Knicks and their Championship Hopes

Posted: March 1, 2011 by RileyLemm in NBA
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     Does adding Melo really improve Knick’s championship chances. They become a better closing team, adding Melo’s clutch gene, but that is also a lot of shots he takes that Amare won’t be taking. Anthony averages almost 20 shots a game, a huge amount, Stoudemire takes 19 shots a game. There is no way that two shooters are going to get that many shots. They are going to start fighting over who gets to shoot. Sure they are working good now, but in a month, there is no way. Heres an article by JA Adande of espn. I agree with him that the Nets adding Deron Williams is a much bigger deal. What do you THINK?


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