St. Johns, Best College Basketball Team in the Country Right Now?

Posted: March 2, 2011 by RileyLemm in NCAAB
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St. Johns, who, I mean what. They have beaten Duke, Pitt, Nova, Uconn, Notre Dame, Georgetown, they have beaten more AP Top 25 Teams than any other team in the country. St. Johns is pulling off their best season in recent history and they deserve to be shown more respect by the coaches and AP Top 25. They are only ranked 15th in the country. Besides having a phenomenal record against Top 25 Teams, they also have a player who is making a bid for Big East Player of the Year, Dwight Hardy. He has made some big shots this year, including the game winner against Pitt. With Kemba Walker, starting to slump, Dwight Hardy has a major shot at the title.  Do you Think they deserve higher ranking?


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