Jimmer Fredette, If you Haven’t Heard of him, Well, Hear of him

Posted: March 8, 2011 by RileyLemm in NBA
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Jimmer Fredette, a Mormon kid going to a Mormon College, playing a little basketball, plus he’s white, ehh who cares about him, EXCEPT HE’S LEADING THE NATION IN SCORING! He tears it up out there. Its crazy, he is the Cam Newton of college basketball, except he’s a mormon and there isn’t a bunch of scandal surrounding him.
Here are some stats:
1) Over 40% from behind the 3pt line,
2) 27.9 points per game,
3) He has had 5,  35 plus point games,
4) BYU is ranked 7th in the country.

This kid has range, massive range, he will shoot from wherever, with whoever in his face, and make it. The world is infected with Jimmer Fever, there are a few that doubt that this BYU Senior will be able to play at the next level. That is full bull, he will tear through the NBA. Here is a well written article by Brian T. Smith that talks about his  protential. Do you think Jimmer has what it takes to leave a major mark on the NBA?

  1. […] My other post has some stats on Fredette, He is a baller. Kemba Walker is also extremely talented, and his team is Final 4, but Fredette, lead his team to the NCAA Tournament. Here is a quote from an comment on an ESPN Article by Joeycoops, that really rings true to me, “What would Uconn be without Kemba? maybe a sweet sixteen team still? definately in the tournament. What is BYU without Jimmer? barely in the NIT. Jimmer did so much for his team and he deserves it.” […]

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