Tiki Barber, Is he for real? Proably not. Will he be good? Maybe

Posted: March 10, 2011 by RileyLemm in NFL
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If you havent heard, Tiki Barber, running back for the Giants, last played in the 2006 NFL season, is coming out of retirement. Yea, he is old, 36 years of it, about a 100 years old in running back time. He is going though a divorce, will be losing a lot of money, there is a motive. He is playing football to get money, so he probably isn’t for real. That doesnt mean he will be good, he is old, but that doesnt necessarily mean anything. His 2006 stats are: 1,662 yards, 103.9 yards per game, 5 TD, and 327 attempts. He is old, but he can still run.
When Barber retired he said that he didn’t have the passion to play football anymore. Will any teams be will to gamble on Barber next year. If he comes back Giants have the first shot to try to sign him, but they have said they don’t want him. There are many teams that are in need of a running back, but will they decide to risk it with him, he might not have the passion to play, who knows. If there is a NFL season next year, will there be a team that has Tiki Barber on their roster? Comment on what team YOU think will sign Tiki Barber.

  1. Coming out of retirement after five years? This is going to be a disaster.

  2. RileyLemm says:

    I dont know though, if he is still in shape, and a team wants him, he might be a good 3rd down back.

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