And that is what you call a GOOAALLLLL!!!

Posted: April 5, 2011 by RileyLemm in Champions League
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Now, this is the type of shot I wish I could score, proably never going to happen, but I am allowed to wish. Dejan Stankovic really put some STANK on that shot.

I bet that keeper feels absolutely retarted, I would.

  1. That’s money, what’s great is the goalie’s shoulders slumping when it goes in.

  2. RileyLemm says:

    It sucks for that keeper, it kinda cracks me up. He was proably super stoked for making that header, then he gets the ball volleyed on him.

  3. […] you know, the one that scored that half field volley that I had in my other post, he did it again. He is a real talent. This goal isn’t from as far out, but it has some crazy […]

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