Parkour, the Sport of Bliss.

Posted: April 13, 2011 by coleschmidt in Parkour
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Precision jump

Parkour can be considered a sport, a discipline, a set of movements, a religion, or maybe even an excuse to jump over stuff! Whoever you talk to they will have their own views and thoughts on this… dedication we call Parkour.  My thoughts on Parkour are a bit calmer and more for the fun. I’ve seen practitioners that have dedicated themselves entirely to the movement and philosophy of Parkour to the point where they are practically breathing for it. After you break down all the jumble of words and opinions that form the idea of Parkour today, you get the bare bone basics of fun. To run free and the harmony between body and mind is pure entertainment.

I started learning Parkour from a friend when I was twelve, practicing different movements and experimenting for the hell of it. With this new thought I realized much more though, that man has made itself no boundaries, just a gigantic playground. I almost forgot about that thought to, but when I was fourteen I met my sensai and the real fun began. I became aware that that my body was much more capable of doing these things. The simple vaults and jumps soon became precise and I started developing a knack for this amazing, and new freedom. Once I was into it there was no going back. I am currently sharpening my skills and slowly learning even more. My skills are not comparable whatsoever to professionals and the experienced traceurs, but that does not restrict me to having as much fun as them! The enjoyment of finding new spots and developing on old ones always brings new spice into it. But once the knowledge is achieved for you to be able to have the freedom to go to a spot, and think constantly about the possibilities and actually create them thoroughly enough for your body to follow along, is pure bliss.

To me Parkour is for the fun, it’s for personal gain and to ultimately become in sync with your body. I recommend finding someone who has done Parkour before and knows the basic movements before you start. In Parkour you must know your limits, know what you’re capable of, and make smart decisions that will keep you safe. The professionals trained for a long time to learn how to do things like.. a kong backflip vault. So stay within your limits at all times and learn new things in safe environments. If you’re determined to learn and no one in town has even heard of the french art, the I suggest you practice slowly, on grass, watch tutorials of simple vaults on youtube and practice with some friends who can keep you safe. I’ve taught parkour to two mixed classes in school, and to friends outdoors. Take baby steps, dont get in over your head, and for gods sake avoid doing drops above chest height because you could easily injure yourself if you dont know whats you’re doing. for these smaller drops even ALWAYS absorb your landing to a squatting position, it will help you get used to absorbing your shock, and keep you from injury. Once you are confident that you can learn a role, learn on flat, grassy ground before you go to any heights. Stick with vaults before any drops, precisions, or cat leaps. They are the back bone of Parkour and the movements will get you prepared for more complex things. Remember, always start simple, learn in steps, and be safe.

Parkour is a number of things, but it will always be fun. It’s fun to watch and to experience. Enjoy it to the fullest, because it’s one of a kind.


  1. RileyLemm says:

    Thats Sick, Parkour is crazy

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