Adrian Gonzalez and Redsox Agree on Super Deal, $154 Million Mega Deal

Posted: April 15, 2011 by RileyLemm in MLB
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Adrian Gonzalez is going to be wearing a Redsox Jersey for a couple more years at least. Today, they agreed on a MEGA CONTRACT worth $154 Million. He is the perfect fit in Fenway Park, he can hit the ball.

 Many Redsox fans are wondering if this will help the Redsox turn their struggling season around. The Redsox are 2-9 on the season, last place in the AL East. They kinda are not good right now, like really horribly bad, at everything. hopefully by removing the distraction of the contract renewal, they will play to their full potential.

I for one, think the Redsox are overated, at least coming into the season they were. They are a bunch of old, slightly overpayed baseball players. They don’t have a strong pitching staff, they don’t have good field play, horrible hitter, they are just bad. If they focused less on trying to get overated sluggers and focused more on a pitcher that can strike a batter out, they might be able to turn around a miserable start to this MLB Season. I probably shouldn’t talk though, I like the Mariners and they are 4-9, not a whole lot better, but at least they aren’t overated.


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