The Canucks are back in it!

Posted: April 27, 2011 by coleschmidt in NHL
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After a three game loosing streak against the Blackhawks, the Canucks finally catch the win and move on to the next series! The Canucks were hoping for a sweep back after the third game, but when they lost 7-2 on the 19th the hearts of many fans skipped a beat. The ‘Nucks went to loose two more game after that and each one being a hit to the face. In the third game they picked up the pace and just lost in overtime. They had their ground again and made up for it last night! watching the 1-0 score for almost the entire game was heart stopping with a million chanced for us and some scary chances for the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks made it through with only 1 minute and 56 seconds to go, scoring one to push the power play. Honestly I was shaking the entire wait before OT and scared for every second the Canucks were in it. When Burrows plucked the puck out of the air and started skating towards the net though, I knew it, we had finally beaten our mental block that was Chicago. He scored 5 minutes and 22 seconds into OT and they celebrated as if they had won the Stanley Cup itself! For two years we battled this team for our spot and we got through this time. I am looking forward to the Nashville series starting tomorrow and so should you! I’ve seen mixed reviews on where the series will go, but I can feel it, history will be made.


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