Thank-You Andrew Bynum for Making the Laker’s Fall Even More Disgraceful

Posted: May 10, 2011 by RileyLemm in NBA
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The LA Lakers were swept by Dallas Mavericks ending their chance at a repeat of the NBA Title. They lost Game 4 by 36 points, blown out hard, and two LA Players were ejected. Lamar Odom, was ejected for shoving Dirk Nowitzki in the face and chest, and Andrew Bynum cheap shotted JJ Barea, a 6ft tall guard, by laying him out with his elbow as Barea was 4ft in the air. Bynum walked off the court, not before he took off his jersey, there is a fine expected to come down from the NBA. Here is the video, its a cheap cheap shot.

Thanks again Mr. Bynum for so beautifully ending the Laker Era.

  1. rdthomas1999 says:

    As my 3rd favorite NBA team the Lakers seem most interesting to me only after a major meltdown per Bynum and this Mavs sweep of them. I recall with great affection how enjoyable sports talk radio was when Kobe performed his world tour in the spring of 2008 ago suggesting that he wanted to be traded. Perhaps part of the fun was that I was on a visit to San Antonio and listened to much of it on their local sports station.

    • RileyLemm says:

      The Lakers, and the whole west conference, is filled with old, slow, past prime players. The only exception to this is the OKC Thunder. It is not fun watching any of the West Coast Conference games. The real fun is in the East, with the star studded teams.

      • rdthomas1999 says:

        I believe the presence of Memphis in the Western Conference semi’s also underscores your point about “old, slow, past prime players” and that leads me to think this: The Lakers may want to consider trading up to (try to) get UConn’s Kemba Walker in the upcoming draft. He should simultaneously address youth and speed at point guard, plus add leadership, which they suddenly seem to need.

      • RileyLemm says:

        But what is happening to Memphis in their series verse OKC, they are getting beat on because of their age. The Lakers need to try and get either CP3 or Dwight Howard. I don’t think they should try and get Kemba Walker because they still have Kobe.

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