BCS Mess is Created by the Oklahoma St. Upset

Posted: November 19, 2011 by RileyLemm in NCAAFB
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Oklahoma St. must have overlooked Iowa St. with powerhouse Oklahoma on the horizon.  Oklahoma St. was ranked #2 in the country, coming into the game with a 10-0 record. They are probably wishing, right about now, that they prepared better for the Cyclones.  Iowa St. won 37-31 in the second overtime.

Oklahoma St. led the whole game, until the Iowa St. tied it up with over 5 minutes of play yet. The score was 24-24 at this point, Oklahoma St. was supposed to win by 27 points, and they are TIED with 5 minutes left? Still, five minutes is plenty of time for this #2 ranked, National Championship Game seeking, Oklahoma St. Cowboys. OK St. marched the field in the last five minutes, giving their kicker an achievable 37 yard field goal to win the game, with a minute left in the game. He missed, he put the ball right over the right upright, if the ball would have been two inches to the left, the Cowboys probably wouldn’t be crying right now.

The game then proceeded to overtime. The Cyclones had the ball first. They scored on their first play. A twenty-five yard pass from Jared Barnett to James White put Iowa St. in a good place. Oklahoma St. responded by scoring on their chance, a six yard pass from Brandon Weeden to Josh Cooper.

The second overtime took an entirely different turn of events. The Cowboys had the ball first. Weeden’s first pass took a deflection off of an Iowa St. linebacker and Cyclone Safety  Ter’Ran Benton. I’m betting Weeden wishes he had that pass back. This put Iowa St. in a wonderful position, they only needed a field goal to win, but why settle for a field goal when you can score a touchdown? Iowa St. gave it to backup, sophomore running back Jeff Woody. He put the ball into the end zone, his third run of the 2nd overtime. He constituted all of Iowa St.’s offense in the period, all 25 yards.

With this upset, lets just say the Iowa St. fans werent the only excited ones. This loss by Oklahoma St. opens up the door for other BCS Championship Game hopefuls such as Alabama, Stanford, and Arkansas. This upset is going to shake up all of the BCS Rankings, how far will Oklahoma St. drop? Alabama is expected to be granted the #2 ranking. Might we see a rematch of the November 5 contest between LSU and Alabama, which LSU barely won? Who knows what will happen now. Last week it was Penn St. allegations, this week its the second best team in the country upset by an unranked underdog, what is the world of college football coming to?

Who do you think will be in the BCS Championship Game? I wouldn’t be overly surprised with an Alabama vs. LSU rematch. What do you THINK?

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