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The Canucks fought and beat their way through the Chicago Blackhawks

with a 4-3 series win in overtime. They tore their way passed The Nashville Predators 4 wins to 2. Now we all got to witness the Orca finish off the shark. The Vancouver Canucks won their series versus The San Jose Sharks 4 to 1. Going to double overtime, yeah! Playing over eighty minutes to win it! They won. A shot that some people call a fluke, but I call a message from heaven. Edler hits the puck off the boards, probably just trying to get it over some heads towards the net, but instead it bounced up and out of the sights of most of the players, except our good Canadian friend Bieksa. The puck hits the ice and bounces out towards Bieksa, practically every other player was oblivious up to that moment. Bieksa winds up, and slaps the bouncing puck towards the net, just slipping through the margin of Niemi’s, The Sharks goalie, skate and the post. The crowd goes wild! Seventeen years ago that day the Canucks advanced to the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

The game itself was intense, Luongo making 56 saves, and at one point the Canucks fended off a 3 on 5 and the power play following! It’s a pleasure to see both the Sedins playing to the capability that their reputation holds! Each player on both teams played phenomenally, and there were chances all over the place for both teams as well. The Sharks played great these last few games, even with the absence of their captain Thornton, completely out shooting the Canucks in the last two games. But the better team won. Luongo practically carried The Canucks through to the finals, him clearly playing one of the best games I’ve seen him win.

Now we will see, history already has been made for this franchise. Presidents choice cup after the season, and now the Western Conference leaders in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Canucks want the Cup, Henrik didnt even touch the Clarence S. Campell Bowl that they had won, following the superstition. The only Cup they want is Stanley’s.

Up next we’ve got either The Tampa Bay Lightening, or The Boston Bruins. Boston at 7th in the league and Tampa Bay at 8th and both being very close teams in consideration of stats. I can’t say who’ll win, even though Vancouver lost the one game that they played against each team, I know it will be a fun series to watch and the Canucks do have a large advantage over them stat wise.



The Canucks are back in it!

Posted: April 27, 2011 by coleschmidt in NHL
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After a three game loosing streak against the Blackhawks, the Canucks finally catch the win and move on to the next series! The Canucks were hoping for a sweep back after the third game, but when they lost 7-2 on the 19th the hearts of many fans skipped a beat. The ‘Nucks went to loose two more game after that and each one being a hit to the face. In the third game they picked up the pace and just lost in overtime. They had their ground again and made up for it last night! watching the 1-0 score for almost the entire game was heart stopping with a million chanced for us and some scary chances for the Blackhawks. The Blackhawks made it through with only 1 minute and 56 seconds to go, scoring one to push the power play. Honestly I was shaking the entire wait before OT and scared for every second the Canucks were in it. When Burrows plucked the puck out of the air and started skating towards the net though, I knew it, we had finally beaten our mental block that was Chicago. He scored 5 minutes and 22 seconds into OT and they celebrated as if they had won the Stanley Cup itself! For two years we battled this team for our spot and we got through this time. I am looking forward to the Nashville series starting tomorrow and so should you! I’ve seen mixed reviews on where the series will go, but I can feel it, history will be made.

Parkour, the Sport of Bliss.

Posted: April 13, 2011 by coleschmidt in Parkour
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Precision jump

Parkour can be considered a sport, a discipline, a set of movements, a religion, or maybe even an excuse to jump over stuff! Whoever you talk to they will have their own views and thoughts on this… dedication we call Parkour.  My thoughts on Parkour are a bit calmer and more for the fun. I’ve seen practitioners that have dedicated themselves entirely to the movement and philosophy of Parkour to the point where they are practically breathing for it. After you break down all the jumble of words and opinions that form the idea of Parkour today, you get the bare bone basics of fun. To run free and the harmony between body and mind is pure entertainment.

I started learning Parkour from a friend when I was twelve, practicing different movements and experimenting for the hell of it. With this new thought I realized much more though, that man has made itself no boundaries, just a gigantic playground. I almost forgot about that thought to, but when I was fourteen I met my sensai and the real fun began. I became aware that that my body was much more capable of doing these things. The simple vaults and jumps soon became precise and I started developing a knack for this amazing, and new freedom. Once I was into it there was no going back. I am currently sharpening my skills and slowly learning even more. My skills are not comparable whatsoever to professionals and the experienced traceurs, but that does not restrict me to having as much fun as them! The enjoyment of finding new spots and developing on old ones always brings new spice into it. But once the knowledge is achieved for you to be able to have the freedom to go to a spot, and think constantly about the possibilities and actually create them thoroughly enough for your body to follow along, is pure bliss.

To me Parkour is for the fun, it’s for personal gain and to ultimately become in sync with your body. I recommend finding someone who has done Parkour before and knows the basic movements before you start. In Parkour you must know your limits, know what you’re capable of, and make smart decisions that will keep you safe. The professionals trained for a long time to learn how to do things like.. a kong backflip vault. So stay within your limits at all times and learn new things in safe environments. If you’re determined to learn and no one in town has even heard of the french art, the I suggest you practice slowly, on grass, watch tutorials of simple vaults on youtube and practice with some friends who can keep you safe. I’ve taught parkour to two mixed classes in school, and to friends outdoors. Take baby steps, dont get in over your head, and for gods sake avoid doing drops above chest height because you could easily injure yourself if you dont know whats you’re doing. for these smaller drops even ALWAYS absorb your landing to a squatting position, it will help you get used to absorbing your shock, and keep you from injury. Once you are confident that you can learn a role, learn on flat, grassy ground before you go to any heights. Stick with vaults before any drops, precisions, or cat leaps. They are the back bone of Parkour and the movements will get you prepared for more complex things. Remember, always start simple, learn in steps, and be safe.

Parkour is a number of things, but it will always be fun. It’s fun to watch and to experience. Enjoy it to the fullest, because it’s one of a kind.


Record breaker!

Posted: March 26, 2011 by coleschmidt in NHL
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The Vancouver Canucks shut down their old record from the 06-07 season of 105 with 107 points from their recent win against the Atlanta Thrashers 3 to 1. With 7 games left the maximum amount of points they could come to this season would be 121, which isn’t a record (held by The Montreal Canadiens, ’76-’77, with 132 points) but they would go down in history as one of the best teams in the franchise, and already are planning on it.


Canucks one up Red Wings

Posted: March 24, 2011 by coleschmidt in NHL
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Yo! I’m a good friend of Riley, and will hopefully be writing a bit for his blog from now on.

The Vancouver Canucks just beat the Detroit Red Wings Wednesday the 23rd 2-1, in Detroit. Going in to the game I was nervous knowing that Detroit was in the third spot overall in the league, and second in the western conference. But Daniel Sedin snatched up the win for us with two great shots that gave us the points.
Luongo made 39 saves for the duration of the game, making some amazing dives and stopping a few nail biting breakaways. Detroit’s Goalie Jimmy Howard made a total of 31 saves for his team, one goal off of Lidstrom, a Detroit defenseman. Daniel making another glorious goal from the top of the right circle, Howard could only flounder going for the puck. Jiri Huddler, who had recently been out for three games due to an injury, rebounded one past Luongo ending the shutout hopes.
The Sedins have really dominated for the Canucks the entire season and the win against Detroit only supports the claim. Daniel making his 40th goal in the season and his twin at the top of the scoring record for the NHL, both are showing the rest of North America what’s up. Daniel celebrating his third child’s birth only two days before the game, making Wednesdays morning practice and still showing amazing competence for the game. Watching both of them tear it up this season is definitely a pleasure, and it could easily be said that the Sedins, and Luongo of course, have brought the Canucks to the top of the league.
With the Canucks at the Thrashers on Friday fans are praying for another perfect road trip. With 105 points now, 8 in front of Philadelphia who holds spot two, we can definitely suffer some losses, but want to be at the top for the playoff run this year. Getting cast aside by the Blackhawks last year was painful to watch, and we’re doing a lot better this year. So a loss without getting to the semi’s would be devastating. Back to the present, the Atlanta Thrashers lost to the Buffalo Sabres 8-2 on the 19th, but beat Philadelphia, the second best team in the NHL, only two days before that. So I’m having mixed feelings about how they could perform, and I don’t know their team at all.
The Thrashers have a 50-50 winning ratio (seriously a 50% win ratio) at the moment, that’s a bit threatening but what do you expect? I’m confident The Canucks will handle themselves properly on Friday stats, and a pure gut feeling can back me up!
Thanks for reading my first rant! Looking forward to next time!