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Ok, here’s a little bit of Bracketology for that good ol March Madness. I’m not an expert by any means, but I watch a lot of ESPN, and many college ball games this year.

Big East is strong, Pitt, UConn, Notre Dame, G-Town, St. Johns, Marquette, Cincy, West Virginia, Nova, Syracuse, and Louisville. I expect the Big East to be the most dominant conference in the NCAA Tournament this year. I have Notre Dame winning a National Championship with 3 other Big East teams: Syracuse, Pitt, and Louisville in the Elite Eight. Notre Dame has been playing some amazing basketball of late, with Abromaitis and Hansbrough coming into fine form.

Ohio St. will also make a strong run for the title this year. They have an all-star team, with their sharp shooting seniors: Jon Diebler and David Lighty, and their stud freshman post Jared Sullinger.  I expect Ohio St. to make the Championship Game, but lose.

BYU is my Dark Horse of the tournament. I have them making a run to the Final 4. They will be carried by their star, Mr. Jimmer Fredette. He rattled off an astounding 52 points against New Mexico. He has the scoring ability to carry his team to the Final 4 and break the NCAA Tournament Scoring record set by Glen Rice of Michigan, who scored 184 points in 6 games.

Texas is another team I have going far in the tournament. During the middle of the season when they were playing well, they were dominating teams, entirely destroying them. I belive that they are back to the form they were in mid-season and ready to make a run to the Final 4.

My major opening round upset is #12 Richmond knocking off #5 Vandy.  Richmond is a good team that has had a good season, Vandy, has a good shooter in John Jenkins, but I think Richmond is going to shut him down.

I have both Duke and Kansas, both 1 seeds, losing in the Sweet 16. Kansas has had some struggles this season, most exemplified in their loss to Kansas St. and I think Louisville will be able to beat them. Duke, a good team, but depth and injuries could be a problem for them. They are missing one of their stars in Kyrie Irving, and if any other player on their team was to suffer an injury they would be shot. I have them losing to Texas, a team that will wear them down with their athletic play.

Here is my Bracket, If you like it or dislike it give me some feedback. I am made an ESPN group called Mas Sports. Join it and see if your bracket beats mine.


Jimmer Fredette, a Mormon kid going to a Mormon College, playing a little basketball, plus he’s white, ehh who cares about him, EXCEPT HE’S LEADING THE NATION IN SCORING! He tears it up out there. Its crazy, he is the Cam Newton of college basketball, except he’s a mormon and there isn’t a bunch of scandal surrounding him.
Here are some stats:
1) Over 40% from behind the 3pt line,
2) 27.9 points per game,
3) He has had 5,  35 plus point games,
4) BYU is ranked 7th in the country.

This kid has range, massive range, he will shoot from wherever, with whoever in his face, and make it. The world is infected with Jimmer Fever, there are a few that doubt that this BYU Senior will be able to play at the next level. That is full bull, he will tear through the NBA. Here is a well written article by Brian T. Smith that talks about his  protential. Do you think Jimmer has what it takes to leave a major mark on the NBA?

St. Johns, who, I mean what. They have beaten Duke, Pitt, Nova, Uconn, Notre Dame, Georgetown, they have beaten more AP Top 25 Teams than any other team in the country. St. Johns is pulling off their best season in recent history and they deserve to be shown more respect by the coaches and AP Top 25. They are only ranked 15th in the country. Besides having a phenomenal record against Top 25 Teams, they also have a player who is making a bid for Big East Player of the Year, Dwight Hardy. He has made some big shots this year, including the game winner against Pitt. With Kemba Walker, starting to slump, Dwight Hardy has a major shot at the title.  Do you Think they deserve higher ranking?