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Real Madrid, winners of the Copa Del Rey Cup in Spain, dropped their trophy in a parade, it was destroyed. So, they got a new one, unfortunately, it was only a replica, not a real one. If you want to see the video of the bus running over the trophy it is here.

Sergio Ramos, the defender who dropped the cup, probably dropped it because he wasn’t the keeper, he doesn’t have the good hands that a keeper has. It would still be depressing to drop the trophy that you team just won for the first time since 1993. Eh, its Real Madrid, nobody cares.


This is funny, Real Madrid won the Copa Del Rey Cup, the beat Barcelona 1-0 in overtime, so it was a good game. Now, here for the funny part, in the parade in Madrid, Real Madrid Defender Sergio Ramos dropped the trophy off the top of the bus, then the bus ran over it. I think that it is karma, Real Madrid really wasn’t supposed to win, but they did, so this is what happens. Here is the video, comment if you like it.

Yesterday in UEFA Champions League, Barcelona put away Shakhtar Donetsk 5-1, and Manchester United beat their rivals Chelsea 1-0.

Wayne Rooney scored for the Red Devils, and Iniesta, Alves, Piqué, Keita, and Xavi all scored for Barcelona.

Here is Rooney’s goal, its pretty good passing, with a good touch on the end.

Here are the goals from the Barca game.

Which team do you think set a bigger statement with their win yesterday. I think Barcelona did, and I think they are going to be in the Champion’s League Finals.

Lionel Messi, sound familiar, kinda the best soccer player in the world. If you don’t think he is the best then something is wrong with you. If you like Ronaldo, and think he is the best, you think that because he is hot. Go buy a poster of him and hang it on your wall, but now back to soccer skill, Messi is way better. Yea Wayne Rooney is good, sick bike kick, but Messi is way better. Here are some of the stats of the three players:

170 Career Goals
Age 23

Cristiano Ronaldo

193 Career Goals
Age 26

Wayne Rooney

156 Career Goals
Age 25

Messi has many awards that none of the other players can even touch, he rips it up on the pitch, he is crazy. He is young, has a huge amount of career left in him, and will easily pass up Ronaldo on goals scored.
He can’t be stopped. Today against Arsenal, Messi scored on a crazy goal in the first half stoppage. Here is the goal if you haven’t seen it.
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