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Aaron Rodgers

The 2011 NFL Season is now officially under way. For those who thought it would never come, it is here for 265 more regular season games. The Green Bay Packers dramatic win over the New Orleans Saints, 42-34. Aaron Rodgers and the Pack came out firing and man was it fun to watch.

There’s many an implication to take from this game, Packers look great and I think they have a strong chance to make another long playoff run, potentially another super bowl victory. The Saints look great as well, except for their goal line offence.

Drew Brees played an amazing game, he had a few plays where he looked a bit shaky but overall he played on fire, ending with 419 yards through the air and three touchdowns. He played like a beast, good implications if you have him on your fantasy team; unfortunately he isn’t on my team.  

I for one, wasn’t satisfied with the NO Saint’s play calling at the end of the game. They chose to run on the final play of the game. The offensive line for the Saint’s was man handled the whole night and they still chose to run with the game on the line. As you could imagine it failed, the Saints didn’t score due to a strong defensive stand by the Packers linebackers and D-Line.