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As the reality of a year without the NFL becomes apparent, to players and fans alike, players are starting to find other ways to stay active.

Chad Ochocinco, you know, publicity crazed, egotistical, receiver for the Cincinnati Bengal, well he is trying out for Sporting Kansas City. Sporting Kansas City is a MLS (Major League Soccer) team. Weird, yea I thought the same thing, but as I have started to look at the bigger picture of work stoppages, that are associated with the NFL lockout, I see more and more players looking for other ways to exercise their talent.

The AFL, is also excited about the Lockout, Arena Football, has always been second, but the Lockout presents an opportunity to gain new players, and a new fan base. I for one, really hate Arena Football. So, even if their isn’t a NFL season, I hope for dear God, that I never watch Arena Football.


          Could you imagine a fall without a NFL season? None of the Top Plays on ESPN, no trade talks, no watching phenomenal rookies shine, no big hits, no upsets, no potential undefeated seasons, no records broken, no big egos on the field, could you imagine a fall without pro football? This could happen in the form of, “The Lockout.” With the way negotiations are happening between the NFL Players Union and the Owners.

           Think about all of the jobs that are going to be lost, over 93,000 jobs nationally will be lost if there is no NFL season, 93,000 stinkin jobs lost, because NFL owners want more money. All together the NFL owners are worth $40 billion, and they want more money. This whole problem could be averted if the owners just gave into the Player’s Union deal. But will that happen, no.

         There is going to be a Lockout, players are going to give in because they are losing money. There will end up being an 18 game season, players are going to get more concussions, more injuries, cutting their careers short, just so owners can get more money, entirely ridiculous. I admit that I don’t know everything that is going on with the Collective Bargaining, and there is player fault just as well as owner fault, but if the owners gave in, the problems would be gone. Here is an article by Rick Reilly on ESPN that explains a lot. The owners are being greedy and entirely stupid.