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Tim Tebow, with the help of the Denver Broncos beat a heavily favorited NY Jets team 17-13.

Tebow is now 4-1 in his 2011 starts, interesting saying he is the most over scrutinized, over criticized, over analyzed quarterback to ever play in the NFL. Most said he would fail as a quarterback, it’s still too early to tell, but he is making a horrible Broncos team look pretty good.

Tebow showed many similarities in his game against the Broncos and his first start against the Miami Dolphins, horrible in the first 55 minutes and a seasoned pro in the final 5. He drove 95 yards in a little over 5 minutes, capped off by a twenty yard touchdown scamper in the face of an all out blitz, to win the game. Pretty remarkable for someone all the NFL analysts said would fail, and fail epic-ly.

I know Tebow hasn’t completed over 50% of his passes in a game yet, but he is winning, and winning on a horrible team. Its time to give him a break and start appreciating him for what he has done, not what his mechanics are like. I think Tebow will take the Broncos to the playoffs and become a solid starter for them. How do you think he will do?