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I’m not sure why I drafted Hillis onto my Fantasy Team, but it was a bad idea. He has almost no fantasy points. I should have seen this coming, with the Madden Curse and everything. He has suffered from injuries and it seems like his attitude to play isn’t there.


Tim Tebow, with the help of the Denver Broncos beat a heavily favorited NY Jets team 17-13.

Tebow is now 4-1 in his 2011 starts, interesting saying he is the most over scrutinized, over criticized, over analyzed quarterback to ever play in the NFL. Most said he would fail as a quarterback, it’s still too early to tell, but he is making a horrible Broncos team look pretty good.

Tebow showed many similarities in his game against the Broncos and his first start against the Miami Dolphins, horrible in the first 55 minutes and a seasoned pro in the final 5. He drove 95 yards in a little over 5 minutes, capped off by a twenty yard touchdown scamper in the face of an all out blitz, to win the game. Pretty remarkable for someone all the NFL analysts said would fail, and fail epic-ly.

I know Tebow hasn’t completed over 50% of his passes in a game yet, but he is winning, and winning on a horrible team. Its time to give him a break and start appreciating him for what he has done, not what his mechanics are like. I think Tebow will take the Broncos to the playoffs and become a solid starter for them. How do you think he will do?

Tonight gives us a matchup that will tell us a lot about to AFC football teams. The Denver Broncos square off against the New York Jets.

The Broncos are 4-5 going into this game. They are 3-1 in the last 4 games. Tim Tebow, “The Mile High Messiah,” has been the Bronco starting quarterback in the last 4 games.

The Jets are 5-4. They are 1-4 in their last 5 regular season home games.

What this means. The Broncos are playing good football behind Tebow, maybe not good football, but good wildcat. The Jets are playing horribly on  the road. Their QB Mark Sanchez isn’t playing up to his full potential. I believe the Broncos have a good chance to win this game, and prove that they a playoff contenders.

Aaron Rodgers

The 2011 NFL Season is now officially under way. For those who thought it would never come, it is here for 265 more regular season games. The Green Bay Packers dramatic win over the New Orleans Saints, 42-34. Aaron Rodgers and the Pack came out firing and man was it fun to watch.

There’s many an implication to take from this game, Packers look great and I think they have a strong chance to make another long playoff run, potentially another super bowl victory. The Saints look great as well, except for their goal line offence.

Drew Brees played an amazing game, he had a few plays where he looked a bit shaky but overall he played on fire, ending with 419 yards through the air and three touchdowns. He played like a beast, good implications if you have him on your fantasy team; unfortunately he isn’t on my team.  

I for one, wasn’t satisfied with the NO Saint’s play calling at the end of the game. They chose to run on the final play of the game. The offensive line for the Saint’s was man handled the whole night and they still chose to run with the game on the line. As you could imagine it failed, the Saints didn’t score due to a strong defensive stand by the Packers linebackers and D-Line.

Players You Don’t Want To See Your Team Draft

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“The NFL Draft just happened and no doubt everyone expects to win the Super Bowl with their new acquisitions. While it can be an exciting event, it can also be a gut punch when you’re team picks someone you’ve never heard of from (insert small regional university here) with a beer belly. Here are some players you don’t want to see your team draft…

1. He had a terrible senior year but he played well in the bowl game against washed-up team no. 4 – Oh boy, since when does 300 yards and 18-for-20 passing with two touchdowns in a meaningless bowl game against a team that’s coach isn’t returning actually mean anything? He’ll do well against the best players in the world right? Suuureee…

2. After someone’s name “from Jester Wild Junior Community College” is spoken – But the scout has a hunch about this one right? Wait he isn’t in New York to pick up his jersey on the podium? Why the heck not!?!!?!

3. Anyone from Duke University – Basketball or Football. Either or.

4. A quarterback with a piece of furniture or vegetation in their last name – Stick quarterbacks with states and first names as their last names. It never fails.

5. A name that confuses Mel Kiper Jr. and causes his hairpiece to fall off – Because you know that Kiper has poured over every university’s roster for the entire year to prepare for this one event. If this guy’s name didn’t ring a bell, than chances are your team drafted somebody that should be playing in the indoor football league.

6. A Canadian – I know there is Canadian football, but I’m wondering if the Canadian high schools and colleges play under Canadian rules or you know, play the type of football you can get paid for playing.

7. A French person – Oh boy. If they have “Pierre” in the name, your team is royally screwed.

8. A lineman battling “weight problems” – Because they’re about to get millions of dollars to help them with their “weight problems.”

10. Osama Bin Laden – I hear his draft stock is plummeting right now…”

Thank-you Brandon Hansen, check out his blog Just South of North.

As the reality of a year without the NFL becomes apparent, to players and fans alike, players are starting to find other ways to stay active.

Chad Ochocinco, you know, publicity crazed, egotistical, receiver for the Cincinnati Bengal, well he is trying out for Sporting Kansas City. Sporting Kansas City is a MLS (Major League Soccer) team. Weird, yea I thought the same thing, but as I have started to look at the bigger picture of work stoppages, that are associated with the NFL lockout, I see more and more players looking for other ways to exercise their talent.

The AFL, is also excited about the Lockout, Arena Football, has always been second, but the Lockout presents an opportunity to gain new players, and a new fan base. I for one, really hate Arena Football. So, even if their isn’t a NFL season, I hope for dear God, that I never watch Arena Football.

If you havent heard, Tiki Barber, running back for the Giants, last played in the 2006 NFL season, is coming out of retirement. Yea, he is old, 36 years of it, about a 100 years old in running back time. He is going though a divorce, will be losing a lot of money, there is a motive. He is playing football to get money, so he probably isn’t for real. That doesnt mean he will be good, he is old, but that doesnt necessarily mean anything. His 2006 stats are: 1,662 yards, 103.9 yards per game, 5 TD, and 327 attempts. He is old, but he can still run.
When Barber retired he said that he didn’t have the passion to play football anymore. Will any teams be will to gamble on Barber next year. If he comes back Giants have the first shot to try to sign him, but they have said they don’t want him. There are many teams that are in need of a running back, but will they decide to risk it with him, he might not have the passion to play, who knows. If there is a NFL season next year, will there be a team that has Tiki Barber on their roster? Comment on what team YOU think will sign Tiki Barber.

          Could you imagine a fall without a NFL season? None of the Top Plays on ESPN, no trade talks, no watching phenomenal rookies shine, no big hits, no upsets, no potential undefeated seasons, no records broken, no big egos on the field, could you imagine a fall without pro football? This could happen in the form of, “The Lockout.” With the way negotiations are happening between the NFL Players Union and the Owners.

           Think about all of the jobs that are going to be lost, over 93,000 jobs nationally will be lost if there is no NFL season, 93,000 stinkin jobs lost, because NFL owners want more money. All together the NFL owners are worth $40 billion, and they want more money. This whole problem could be averted if the owners just gave into the Player’s Union deal. But will that happen, no.

         There is going to be a Lockout, players are going to give in because they are losing money. There will end up being an 18 game season, players are going to get more concussions, more injuries, cutting their careers short, just so owners can get more money, entirely ridiculous. I admit that I don’t know everything that is going on with the Collective Bargaining, and there is player fault just as well as owner fault, but if the owners gave in, the problems would be gone. Here is an article by Rick Reilly on ESPN that explains a lot. The owners are being greedy and entirely stupid.

Cam Newton, Help or Hurt his Pro Prospects

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Cam Newton’s combine performance last weekend left many wondering about his ability to be a quarterback that could run a pro team. Cam Newtons combine rating was 89, he was #28, horrible for how high he is projected to go in the draft. Many of the Espn Analysts such as Todd McShay and Mel Kiper Jr. are saying how the way he performed in both the physically, and interview process of the combine hurt his draftability. I happen to disagree with them though. He will be going in the top 3 in the draft, Espn is often wrong, last year they said Tim Tebow was a second or third round pick, he went in the first round at pick 25. THEY are wrong saying that Newton won’t be top 5 pick, but he also has a lot of time to change their minds. He has his pro day, which gives him an opportunity to change the thoughts NFL Scouts have about his inaccuracy in passing and his inconsistently. I think Newton will be a top 3 pick in the draft, But what do you THINK?