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With the UEFA Cup over, here are the TOP TEN GOALS of the competition, enjoy.


Lionel Messi

For all of you that didn’t watch the UEFA Cup Final, you should have, and if you were smart enough to watch it, you saw a phenomenal game. Barcelona won 3-1 in regulation over a very good Manchester United side. Lionel Messi, AKA, “The Man,” was a major reason why FCB came away with the victory. He had a goal, and was instrumental in the other two scored by FCB.
Wayne Rooney had the solo goal for Man U. in the first half, that was their only good look at the Barcelona goal the whole match. Barcelona outpassed, outworked, and outplayed the English en route to their victory.
Messi is the Man, he is a winner, he is a stud, he scores goals, he can burn guys, he is just a bad ass. He is the best player in the world right now, and quite possibly one of the best ever.




Dejan Stankovic, you know, the one that scored that half field volley that I had in my other post, he did it again. He is a real talent. This goal isn’t from as far out, but it has some crazy swerve on it. Inter Milan is lucky to have this guy for them, instead of playing against them. Here is the video of the goal if you haven’t seen it.

Yesterday in UEFA Champions League, Barcelona put away Shakhtar Donetsk 5-1, and Manchester United beat their rivals Chelsea 1-0.

Wayne Rooney scored for the Red Devils, and Iniesta, Alves, Piqué, Keita, and Xavi all scored for Barcelona.

Here is Rooney’s goal, its pretty good passing, with a good touch on the end.

Here are the goals from the Barca game.

Which team do you think set a bigger statement with their win yesterday. I think Barcelona did, and I think they are going to be in the Champion’s League Finals.

Now, this is the type of shot I wish I could score, proably never going to happen, but I am allowed to wish. Dejan Stankovic really put some STANK on that shot.

I bet that keeper feels absolutely retarted, I would.