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Upsets galore, four of the BCS Top Ten Teams lost this weekend. #2 Oklahoma St. lost Friday night setting the tone for an interesting weekend. On Saturday, #4 Oregon was upset by the USC Trojans 38-35, #5 Oklahoma was downed by the Baylor Golden Bears 45-38, and #7 Clemson tasted defeat at the hands of North Carolina State 37-13.

Oregon saw their BCS Championship Game hopes end with their missed field goal in the wanning moments of Saturdays game against USC. USC came into the game with nothing to lose, they are ineligible for bowl games due to recruiting violations. Oregon looked like an undersized team, which they are. USC ran the ball and ran the ball well, this set up the play action for quarterback Matt Barkley who ran it to near perfection.


Oregon mounted a massive comeback. They trailed by 17 in the third quarter, but their no huddle offense took USC’s defense in a position they weren’t used to. Oregon neutralized USC’s size advantage by running to the edge, Oregon has the speed advantage. The Ducks also stepped up their defense, forcing a nearly flawless Barkley to throw a pick and fumble a ball.

The game was at least tie-able for the Ducks, as they were able to march the field in the final minutes of the game, to give their kicker an easy 37 yard look at a tie. Big surprise, the kicker, Alejandro Maldondado, missed. Hooked the ball wide to the right, the ending was slightly reminiscent of Boise St.’s loss to Nevada last year.

This loss ended any hope of Oregon making it to another national championship game.

Oklahoma’s championship hopes were shot down as well, courtesy of Robert Griffin III. Baylor’s star quarterback, Griffin, played as well as anyone on Saturday. He threw for 479 yards, 4 touchdowns, and no interceptions. His final touchdown came with only 8 seconds left in the game, when he found Terrence Williams in the back corner of the end zone for a 34 yard game winning strike.

The game was closely contested the whole way. Baylor would start to pull away, but Oklahoma would find a way to make the game close again. The Sooners were anchored by goal line nightmare, “Bell-dozer,” Blake Bell, who had 16 yards rushing and 4 TDs. The Sooners tied up the ball game with 51 seconds left, just enough time for Griffin.

This is when the magic happened. Baylor started with the ball deep in their territory with intentions to run out the clock and play for overtime. They ran a simple handoff with their first play. They only gained a couple of yards. Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, being the smart coach he is, decided to call a timeout. He had three timeouts to work with, and was figuring his team would force Baylor into a three and out, force Baylor to punt, and maybe have enough time to move into field goal range. Next play, Griffin dropped back, saw no one open, took off for a long gain on the ground, and got out-of-bounds. At this point I’m sure Stoops was saying, “Oh Sh**, I probably shouldnt have done that.” Baylor then ran two more plays, picked up a large chunk of ground, and were 34 yards away from the end zone, within field goal range. They had time to run one more play and get out-of-bounds to set up a more achievable field goal, but Griffin being the stud he is found an open Williams for the win.

Oklahoma played admirably, but they were no match for Heisman Candidate Griffin and the impeccable game he played on Saturday. He polished his Heisman resume with the win and the 4 touchdowns.

The 4th major upset of the weekend was suffered by the Clemson Tigers. They were out played by a far inferior NC St., in a game that they were predicted to win, and win handily.

NC State’s quarterback Mike Glennon threw for 3 TDs, and 253 yards as his team pulled off the unlikely upset. Clemson lost any shot at a chance for the BCS Title.

In other crazy college football news, Arkansas tight end, Garrett Uekman, died today of unknown cause. Saturday, Yale tail-gater was hit by a truck and killed.

The AP Top 25 poll has three SEC teams on top, #1 LSU, #2 Alabama, and #3 Arkansas. Stanford has an offside chance at making the BCS National Title game with this weekend of upsets. If LSU beats Arkansas next weekend, and Alabama loses, or even if Alabama wins, Stanford might have a shot at the title game. LSU has already beat Alabama once this year, and Stanford has only one loss which came to Oregon. Who knows? More interesting, what do you think, and which upset do you think was the biggest this weekend?


This March Madness just keeps getting Madder. I don’t know whats going on.
Butler is back, back to back Final 4’s I mean. VCU, who is VCU? They only beat USC, Georgetown, Purdue, Florida St. and Kansas, as an 11 seed. Now they get to match off verse the other Mid Major School, Butler

They other side of the bracket, not as crazy, but still, pretty crazy. UConn has continued, with the momentum of the Big East Championship, right into the Final 4. They have had the easiest route to the Final 4 of any the teams in, only having to knock off a 2 seed at best. Kentucky on the other hand, beat the #1 overall seed Ohio St. Buckeyes, and a red hot North Carolina team to get to where they are at.

Which match promises to be better. Experience says Butler and UConn will be in the Championship Game, because Butler has been here before, and UConn has an older team then Kentucky. Experience means nothing in this years tournament though, with Virgina Commonwealth making it this far. Many fans are jumping on their bandwagon, hoping for their run to continue.
This promises to be an exciting Final 4, with an even more intense Championship Game. I for one, Can’t Wait.